Hand-quilted with LOVE.

We preserve your memories with the finest hand-quilting techniques, giving you a product that is both phenomenal looking as well as durable. All our products are 100% machine washable. 

Being a mother, I realized how much of a need there was to preserve memories in heartfelt ways. I saw how my daughters collected endless amounts of t-shirts that only became secondary pajama wear a few months later. In 2003, I started traveling across Texas presenting 100% hand-quilted quilts in various shows and fairs. In 2007, God blessed me with a store in Arlington, Texas. There, our 100% hand-quilted quilts, as well as our unique t-shirt quilts, were able to have a home location to showcase all of our work. Please think of us the next time you have a baby shower, birthday, graduation, anniversary, holiday, or just because!

I cannot wait to meet you!